Terms of service

The site accepts registrations from users with the following terms:

1. Privacy policy

The personal information supplied by registered users will not be shared with any entity unrelated to the site.

Such personal information includes the user account name that can be used to log in to the site, email address, birth date, country of origin, and unique picture.

Exceptions may happen in the following specific cases:

a) authors who submit content to the site and have their names and pictures exposed on the same pages on which their content is published and

b) users who claim prizes in contests organized by the site, in which the users voluntarily participate and authorize the area to supply their email addresses to the sponsors who will contact them to deliver the prizes.

2. Requirement to register

This site does not require anyone to register to access site content.

However, the authors of some types of content published on the site, like the code of the classes of objects, can require that users be authenticated when they want to read or download files with content that those authors provided.

The site records the unique user identifier number of users who access a content piece only when the users are authenticated.

This way, the site can build accurate charts that list the top accessed content in a way that is reasonably immune to fraud.

At the same time, the site provides additional exposure and recognition only to the authors’ work who deserve it.

These top content charts do not disclose the identity of the users who accessed the authors’ content.

Additionally, the information about which users accessed the content may be used to determine which users may be interested in receiving automatic alerts when their authors update such content.

This way, the users can come to the site and obtain the most recent versions of the content. Updated content may contain fixes or other types of improvements to the content quality.

3. Mailing list subscriptions

As part of the benefits to registered users, the site sends free email newsletters and new site content alert messages using several mailing lists.

All users are automatically joined to these mailing lists once they confirm the site registration process.

Users who do not wish to receive messages from these mailing lists can unsubscribe from any of the lists either by going to the user options page to remove the check marks of the respective alerts and newsletter options or by sending unsubscribe request email messages or clicking on unsubscribe links as explained at the bottom of all mailing list messages.

Unsubscribe requests sent by email to the addresses specified in mailing list messages are handled by an automated program that sends a reply with a unique URL that a user needs to access to confirm the unsubscribe request.

Given that the site provides two self-service alternatives to unsubscribe from site mailing lists, the site administrators only handle user unsubscribe requests if users still struggle.

In this case, the users are instructed to follow simple steps to unsubscribe.

4. Multiple accounts

Each person may only have one active account at a time. The site only accepts user requests to register using a unique access name and email address.

New accounts are only approved if there is no other account created in the past with the same access name or the same email address.

This restriction helps the site combat fraud committed by users who want to abuse the system to get benefits they do not deserve.

That could be the case of users who want to show higher in several types of ranking without having done the necessary work to rank that high.

5. Removal of accounts

The site supports permanently removing any accounts, as there is no interest in retaining the personal information of users who no longer want to use the site.

When a user no longer wishes to access the site, they can access the user options page to request the removal of their account.

When that happens, the site will wipe personal information details so that the original secret information cannot be recovered from the site database.

Personal information includes the user name used to log in to the site, unique name, email address, birth date, country of origin, or private pictures.

The user name and email address information are replaced by random text, a one-way hash value.

This hash value can be used to detect if another user tries to register on the site with the same user name or email address as another user who wrote in the past but requested that the site remove their account.

6. Advertising privacy policy

Third-party vendors use cookies to serve ads based on a user’s prior visits to this site or other sites. Advertising networks use cookies to serve ads to this site’s users based on their visits to your and other areas. Users may opt out of personalized advertising by visiting the site www.aboutads.info.

7. Updates of the terms of use

These terms of use may be updated occasionally to clarify anything that may cause confusion or to cover new aspects of the site.

The updated terms of use are presented the next time a registered user makes an authenticated access to the site.

Users must confirm that they have read, understood, and accepted the new terms of use to be allowed to continue to access the site.